Survivors of Mpls. Building Explosion Talk About Escape

Updated: 01/04/2014 1:25 PM By: Tom Durian

Hersi Hasan knew he had to get out of his second-floor apartment unit after a large explosion woke him up early New Year's Day. "I saw fire and smoke all over the place" said Hasan.

The 29-year-old along with his two sisters knew the only way out was going to be through the window to the icy ground below.

"I jumped first hit the ground, broke (my) leg, bones were sticking out of the flesh there." Hasan and his sisters then looked up to the building above, which was engulfed in flames by this point. They say they saw others jumping from the building, some of who were on fire.

Hasan's neighbor, Abdi Qoby, also jumped from his second floor window. He breake bones in his legs and back. He had just finished morning prayers and was watching TV when he heard a loud boom. "The wall in front of my bed completely came over me, flying."

Qoby also tried to escape by using the stairs but the fire was too intense.

Both victims credit the quick work of the Minneapolis police officers and firefighters that arrived on scene.

They are both expected to remain in the hospital for several days.