Snocross Racers Chase the Thrill, Fight the Chill

Updated: 01/04/2014 6:55 PM By: Kate Renner

For most of us braving the cold, it was just to get in and out of our cars.

This was not the case for more than 300 Snocross racers.

The competitors took the tundra-like weather by storm at Canterbury Park for the 2014 Snocross Championship races.

Even the youngest racers know Snocross is all about chasing the thrill. The professionals admit Snocross forces you to conquer your fears.

But fear is not the only thing they must face, as below zero air slapped them across the cheeks.

Jake Scott, a professional racer, has just the trick to keep the frost from nipping: absolutely no exposed skin.?? Scott uses ducttape to keep the weather away, but everybody's got their own techniques to keep the blood flowing.