Tow or Jump Start? Busy Morning for Minn. Tow Companies

Updated: 01/06/2014 12:01 PM By: Naomi Pescovitz

If you had trouble starting your car Monday morning, you are not alone.

Bobby & Steve's Auto World has been answering non-stop calls for jump starts or tows since Sunday morning. One company dispatcher says they are 65 percent busier than they were this same time last week.

In two hours Monday morning, driver Doug Reich responded to five calls from Bloomington to St. Paul.

"Stay warm, first of all, and try to get people going as quickly as they can," Reich said.

Greg Parker had faith in his 2010 Mazda but it wouldn't give in on its own.

"This vehicle will start every other day, but it's just, with the cold weather, it's not going to start," Reich said.

"I'm used to trying to get ready for the winter blast, and this right here is just more than we expected at all," Parker said.

Barb Dorr's car needed a tow from her St. Paul home.

"It just wouldn't start, it wanted to so badly but just wouldn't turn," Dorr said.

Reich suggests letting your car run for 20 minutes every few hours. He also recommends getting an oil change.

"Some of this oil has been in the vehicle 6 or 8 months. Get it changed, clean oil will make the vehicle turn over better, and put a little rubbing alcohol in your windshield washer fluid. It will keep it from freezing up," Reich said.