Cold Snap Brings Busy Day for Local Semi Truck Repair Business

Updated: 01/07/2014 7:26 AM By: Steve Patterson

While much of the state sat back and waited for the cold snap to pass, one local company had one of its busiest days of the year.
Blaine Brothers Incorporated aims to help troubled truckers, who on days like Monday, aren't that hard to find.
The freezing temperatures don't play nice with the big diesel engines that power big rigs. So as it got colder, the phone lines at Blaine Brothers started burning up.
"If not the busiest, I would say that it is very, very close." said the company's owner Dean Dally around midday.

By the time 4 p.m. had rolled around, his team of 13 phone reps had dealt with over 1,600 calls, which was more than 125 calls per rep.

By day's end, the company expected to top the 2,000 call mark.

Tuesday's subzero temperatures should make for another busy day for the company.