MNsure to Allow More Paper Applications After Many Issue with Website

Updated: 01/08/2014 8:59 PM By: Scott Theisen

Changes are coming to MNsure after a board meeting Wednesday.

The state’s online insurance marketplace will allow more paper applications after many problems happened with the website.

MNsure retained an outside firm affiliated with United Healthcare to review its operations and recommend fixes. It is also considering outsourcing call center operations to cut down the time callers are spending on hold.

CEO Scott Leitz also said MNsure will fully cooperate with an audit by Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles. “He obviously has a great deal of interest in making sure the work we do here is a wise use, the best of use of taxpayers’ dollars as possible, that's his job, and we respect that greatly,” said Leitz.

Despite all of this, several thousand Minnesotans remain in limbo because of glitches in the MNsure online system.

MNsure revealed demographic details about the nearly 72,000 people who signed up for coverage, showing that 53 percent of them are women and the median age is 48.
The agency released enrollment figures good through last Sunday, which flesh out a last-minute enrollment as coverage started Jan. 1 under the federal health care law.
MNsure says 71,982 people have an enrollment in process. Nearly 116,000 have opened accounts, but open enrollment extends through March.
MNsure is facing criticism for the glitch-plagued rollout of its website, which bedeviled many users leading up to Jan. 1. At Wednesday's meeting, interim CEO Scott Leitz is scheduled to discuss details of an independent review of the problems by a UnitedHealth Group division.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.