Record Natural Gas Usage Means Bills Could Double

Updated: 01/08/2014 8:43 PM By: Josh Rosenthal

It's a new record: CenterPoint Energy says customers used more natural gas Monday -- and then again on Tuesday -- than ever before.

"We have not seen this weather in 18 years, and so this really was colder than we normally see. So it is a much bigger deal than normal," said CenterPoint Energy Director of Gas Control John Heer.

So how much natural gas did we use? Try 1,350,000 dekatherms per day, according to CenterPoint. To put that in perspective, if you converted the gas to a liquid, it would be enough to fill about 15,500,000 gallon milk jugs.

So what does that mean for you? In the immediate future, it means a big bill.

"We have been proactively letting our customers know they can anticipate their bill might be double," said CenterPoint Energy Spokesperson Becca Virden.

CenterPoint isn't the only company that saw increased natural gas use this week. Xcel Energy says it had a nearly 50 percent increase this Jan. 5, compared to Jan. 5, 2013.