Vikings Fans Take Metrodome Seats for Souvenirs

Updated: 01/09/2014 2:12 PM By: Leslie Dyste

It's been a week and a half since the Vikings played for the last time inside the Metrodome. CHOPPER 5 flew over the Dome on Wednesday and it looks about the same on the outside. But, it looks a lot different on the inside where demolition is in full swing.

Cars driven by nostalgic Minnesota sports fans were waved right onto the field Wednesday to pick up their Metrodome seats.

Casey Carlson loaded his seat into the family minivan. "It's a piece of history. I wanted to have a keepsake and make a nice little display. I have a sports memorabilia room so it will be kind of fun to have that," he said.

In the upper deck the familiar blue seats were being ripped out and tossed over the railing.

Everything has to be removed from the Dome in the next 10 days. The power to the Metrodome will be cut off Jan. 18.