As Scope of Dome Project Increases, Locals Keep Watchful Eye

Updated: 01/09/2014 6:54 PM By: Tim Sherno

January will see a few major milestones in the demolition of the Metrodome. On Jan. 18 Xcel Energy will shut off power to the building and fans that keep the roof inflated. Physical demolition will begin at Gate D.

People who live or work near The Dome are ready for some disruption, but hopeful it will be mitigated. Cory Walker is the General Manager at Hubert's. He says the restaurant will stay open during the project and he's hopeful construction workers will become regular guests, "We're getting 12 to 15 guys a day generally so far but it's still early stages in the project."

Nearby at Baldwin Supply Co., company president Ron Herem says the business has been in the same location since 1956, so employees watched the construction of the Metrodome.

Herem says he'll be watching traffic flow during construction, "We'll see some increased loads around here. We load and unload a lot of trucks here every day with the materials that we sell, so it makes it a little more difficult for us."

Mortenson Construction, the company building the new stadium, says they have plans to mitigate impact on local neighborhoods. The company met with neighbors to answer questions, and says it will hold meetings quarterly to keep communications open.

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