Vikings Discuss Ticket Details for TCF Bank Stadium

Updated: 01/10/2014 8:21 PM By: Steve Patterson

As of this fall, TCF Bank stadium will be an NFL venue, as it becomes the temporary home of the Minnesota Vikings. 

But outside of the location of where the games will be played, the logistics of how the process will play out have been a bit murky. The Vikings hoped to change that. 

One thing that became clear is that season tickets will be more expensive than last year.  Why the price hike?  According to the Vikings Chief Marketing Officer Steve LaCroix, it came down to math, saying "It's really just a matter of going from 64,000 seats to 52,000 seats." 

Part of the money lost will be recouped through higher ticket prices.

Also, because of its layout, TCF Bank Stadium will offer 7,000 fewer lower level seats.  Due to shuffling that will come as a result of this, the Vikings will assign seats. 

They say no season ticket holder will be left out in the cold, with all 2013 season ticket holders having been offered 2014 season ticket options. But with the layout being so different, not everyone is going to be happy. 

Take, for instance, the lucky fans who enjoyed seats on the 50 yard line at the dome.  That's an aisle at TCF.

For season ticket holders, who want to pass on the temporary option and wait for the new stadium before renewing their accounts, the Vikings made clear that they will honor that request. 

The new stadium season ticket process will be based on the 2013 manifest. So if you had season tickets this past year at the Dome, you're already in line for the new stadium.