Freezing Rain Turns Duluth Streets into Ice Rinks

Updated: 01/12/2014 8:03 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Freezing rain caused major problems for drivers in Northern Minnesota.

Steady rain turned to glare ice in Duluth Sunday morning.

Police responded to 65 crashes or stalled cars within the city, and state troopers helped out with more than 60 incidents in the northeast portion of the state.

Drivers were being more cautious according to Highway Superintendent Kevin McConnell. "Just a lot of people driving slow, trying to stay on the road. A lot of people have bad tires even, but I mean even on this stuff good tires don't even help. They're just slipping and sliding," he said.

The temperatures will drop overnight which could mean more slick roads Monday morning.

The video of the two men "ice surfing" is courtesy of YouTube.