New U of M Apple: Combo Between Honeycrisp and Arkansas Apple

Updated: 01/14/2014 11:23 PM By: Jessica Miles

It's one of only three apple breeding programs in the country, and it's produced some of the most popular apples out there, like the Honeycrisp.

Now, the University of Minnesota has another red, round, fruit that will debut soon.

It doesn't have a name yet, it's only known as MN-55.

It's a cross between the hugely popular Honeycrisp and an Arkansas apple.

"The advantage for growers, this one ripens almost a month before Honeycrisp, so instead of waiting until September, growers can start offering this in August," says University of Minnesota Apple Breeder David Bedford.

Bedford describes the taste as explosively crisp. He says it pops when you bite into it and has a nice sweet flavor.

The MN-55 trees will be available to growers next year, with apples available to the public in about five years.

"Knowing what we do about these apples, I think this one will be a good one," Bedford says.