Task Force Gives Final Recommendations for Minn. Sex Offender Program

Updated: 01/15/2014 8:10 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

Changes are coming to the state sex offender program. A special task force put forward its final recommendation to fix what some consider a flawed system.

With hundreds of sex offenders in the state's "civil commitment" program, only one has ever been released in its almost 20 year history.

The task force met 20 times over 14 months to figure out changes. They decided they need legislative action and new laws that make the process more objective and keep politics out of it.

"I believe that there seriously is an issue simply because people don't get out. It can not be that no one should ever be released, or if that's what it is, then we say that right up front," said task force member Eric Magunson.

The legislature still would need to implement the changes. Right now, there's a lawsuit moving through the courts that could force the legislature to act, if they don't do it on their own first.