Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Shut Down for Now

Updated: 01/18/2014 2:08 PM By: Megan Stewart

Photo: Photo: Xcel Energy

The Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant has been temporarily powered off for repairs.

Operators started the controlled, non-emergency shutdown of the plant Friday night, so they could repair a heat exchanger in the reactor's coolant system.

There was no release of radioactivity, and the situation poses no hazard to the public or plant workers, according to officials.

During outages, Xcel Energy purchases electricity from the Midcontinent Independent System Operator or other utilities or increases electricity production at its other generating plants to ensure an adequate power supply for its customers.

The Monticello nuclear plant is 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul and generates 600 megawatts of electricity. Xcel Energy owns and operates the plant.