Sen. Klobuchar Seeks Kill Switch for All Smartphones

Updated: 01/21/2014 8:17 PM By: Steve Patterson

With crime on the rise on and around the U of M campus, Senator Amy Klobuchar presented a new piece of legislation Tuesday, she hopes will help to deter criminals from committing a crime that's becoming all too common. Stealing smartphones.

She's proposing a kill switch for smartphones be enforced at the federal level. This would allow anyone whose smartphone was stolen to render the phone useless to the thief, making it nothing more than an expensive paperweight. 

But, as with all technological developments, the threat of a good thing falling into the wrong hands presents a problem. If a hacker got hold of such a tool, could he or she deactivate your smartphone or even an entire network?

Sen. Klobuchar suggests taking that question elsewhere saying, "Ask Apple. They've got the software. They've put it on the phones. So I think that should make us realize it's not necessarily the case." 

That being said, the Senator is open to different means as long as it moves toward the same end, "We have not said it has to be a set way of doing this. There's just got to be someway for a person who has a phone to be able to shut off access to the actual phone itself while still accessing their data on the cloud."