Downtown Mpls. Bar Offers Free Beer to Laid Off Target Employees

Updated: 01/22/2014 10:15 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Photo: KSTP photo

Target employees mean big business to small businesses in downtown Minneapolis.

After the news Wednesday that 475 employees will be laid off worldwide, a bar and restaurant named Devil's Advocate offered free beer to Target employees impacted by the cut.

The bar said most of its business comes from Target Corporate, so this was a good way to give something back.

"When something this catastrophic happens in your neighborhood and it impacts a lot of people, everyone needs to come together to support. I would also call out to some of the other bars that are in downtown and supported by Target employees to help support these guys as much as they can," said Devil's Advocate owner Erik Forsberg.

The bar said it will probably do this offer for the rest of the week.

Target Spokeswoman Molly Snyder tells she does not have details on the impact of layoffs in the Twin Cities.