Demand for Skilled Workers Increases as Vikings Stadium Project Gets Under Way

Updated: 01/23/2014 7:36 AM By: Tim Sherno

New Vikings Stadium Plan
New Vikings Stadium Plan
Photo: Photo: Ryan Companies

Demolition of the Metrodome continues, and construction of the new Vikings stadium will begin within months, so large scale hiring is already gearing up.

Louis King is President and CEO of Summit Academy OIC, and he says the Sports Facilities Authority, Mortenson Construction and the Vikings have provided $800,000 for employee training.

According to King, the demand has begun. "Right now we have a job order for 100 people," he said. "That's our first request across eight trades, and we're getting gears up to do that."

The Sports Facilities Authority said the project will employ 7,500 workers with a peak of 1,000 between April and August of 2015.

King said the stadium isn't the only large project in the area, and demand for skilled workers could be high.

"We're going to have a tough time ensuring that we have all the people we need to meet the demand," he said.

King points to other large projects either underway or about to begin, including the Saint Paul Saint's Stadium, the Saint Croix River Bridge and additional light rail projects.

King says it's a boom time for construction.

"There are a lot of other things happening other than this stadium," he said. "This is just one project."