COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Die Monster Die Blu-ray Review

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:17 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Shout Factory
Photo courtesy of Shout Factory

I just finished watching another horror film that I had never seen before, and I can thank Shout Factory/Scream Factory for this.

They just released “Die Monster Die” on Blu-ray, and it is a classic horror film in my opinion.

It was released in 1965 and stars the legendary Boris Karloff, Nick Adams, and Suzan Farmer.

The story is about a young man named Stephen (Nick Adams) who is invited to visit a college friend named Susan (Suzan Farmer) who lives in a creepy castle with her father (Boris Karloff) who is a scientist.  When the young man arrives in town, he tries to find a ride to the Witley house and nobody will talk to him or help him.  He eventually walks to the house only to discover that there is something very strange going on.

Stephen and Susan learn that her dad has been doing evil experiments on people, plants and animals, and they must try to figure out how to stop him.

The story was okay and nothing special, but it was entertaining, and I did like it. 

The acting was pretty good, and Boris Karloff stole the whole show.  He is amazing, and I enjoy watching him.

The film looks fantastic on Blu-ray.  It is so clear, and looks as good as the day it was released in the theater.

The only bonus feature on the DVD is a trailer for the film, which is pretty cool to watch.  The only bad thing is that it gives away the entire plot of the film, so I would suggest watching it after viewing the whole movie.

I really enjoyed Shout Factory/Scream Factory’s “Die Monster Die” a lot. It’s great to see all of these classic horror films being released on Blu-ray and we can thank Shout Factory for this.  I would highly recommend that you pick up “Die Monster Die” on Blu-ray, and add it to your horror movie collection.  It’s a fun and very entertaining film and a must have for any horror fan.

“Die Monster Die” is not rated.

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Aaron Chalich is a entertainment columnist.