Local Company Creating Uniforms for Sochi Winter Olympics

Updated: 01/29/2014 6:17 PM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

A Twin Cities company is getting in on the Olympic fever. It's outfitting some international teams with clothing you'll see on the slopes during the games.

Reid Lutter makes a print out of a uniform that will be worn during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The pattern is for the Australian National Cross Country and Nordic Combined Ski Teams.

"Our art director created the Australian uniform off of some ideas they submitted to us," he said.

In fact Lutter's company, "Podium Wear" has created uniforms for the Argentinean and Canadian Ski Teams that will compete in Sochi.

"The pattern we developed uses 3 different fabrics, has 27 panels so that it really fits well," Lutter said.

This fourth generation St. Paul Central grad created his custom apparel company 11 years ago. Lutter's company now creates team kits that are handcut for cycling, alpine skiing, nordic skiing and running.

"This time of year we have 18-19 people working on stuff. It's definitely smaller scale but, but small scale doesn't mean you can't make quality products," he said.

Lutter says, they won the Australian contract this summer which is the Land Down Under's winter. It took roughly four weeks to get the team their uniforms, much faster than bigger companies.

"Usually takes a week in art, a week in this room to get through the print process and the transfer. And then we keep a week in our back pocket for when we mess up," he said.

Lutter says, it never gets old seeing an athlete in his clothing.

"It's pretty fun. The first time you see someone skiing in your stuff is a thrill. And then when you start to see all the good people wearing it," Lutter said.