Condition of UMD Student Who Suffered Severe Frostbite Continues to Improve

Updated: 01/27/2014 10:39 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Alyssa Lommel
Alyssa Lommel
Photo: Photo via Facebook

The condition of the University of Minnesota Duluth student recovering from severe frostbite continues to improve.

Alyssa Lommel was hospitalized after she spent a night outside in subzero temperatures last month. According to Lommel's CaringBridge site, on Monday she saw her feet for the first time since her amputations.

Doctors amputated the tips of Lommel's toes on one foot and all of her toes on her other foot Jan. 6.

Her mother said when Alyssa saw her feet, there were no tears or screaming. She wrote, "I think she just needs some time to process."

Meanwhile, Lommel is getting support from her coworkers. She is a latchkey teacher at Saint John's School in Duluth. On Sunday her fellow teachers started selling bracelets and key chains to help with her medical costs. Bracelets will also be sold at UMD.

Police say Lommel, a sophomore from St. Cloud, had been out drinking with friends Dec. 6 and was dropped off at her Duluth house around midnight. A passer-by spotted Lommel on the front stoop of the house next door about nine hours later suffering from severe hypothermia.

Lommel should be out of the hospital next month.