U of M Hosts Public Safety Strategy Session to Discuss Crime Increase

Updated: 01/28/2014 7:35 PM KSTP.com By: Steve Patterson

The sense of insecurity on the University of Minnesota campus still exists, after the fall semester saw an increase in criminal activity.  

This prompted another meeting of university and law enforcement officials on campus. University President Eric Kaler said of the meeting, "I'm not sure that we'll generate a ton of really new ideas, but a chance to make sure what we've been working on, is working."

What President Kaler and his team have been working on is implementing new safety measures like brighter lights, more security cameras and an increased police presence.

University of Minnesota Police Chief Greg Hestness said he's got three more officers than he had in the fall. He also hopes to add a full-time campus beat, which he thinks will go a long way in restoring peace of mind.

As for some of the other safety measures, patience is necessary. Vice President for University Services Pamela Wheelock said, "The lighting and the additional security cameras will continue through the spring and we'll get the bulk of them done before the end of the academic year and maybe a few left in the summer and fall."

A few months to change some light bulbs seems a bit long. But, Wheeler said it's more complicated than that. She said all broken bulbs have been fixed, but others could require new lampposts entirely, which will take more time.