COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 Review

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:15 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Square Enix
Photo courtesy of Square Enix

You may have read my review of “Tomb Raider” last year, and you may remember that I absolutely loved it.  I thought it was one of the best games that was released for many reasons.  It was packed full of non-stop action that left you hanging on the edge of your seat as you played, and there are so many intense moments throughout the game. 

I have told just about everyone that would listen about how awesome and fun “Tomb Raider” is and people are probably sick of me talking about it.

Well here I go again, because I just played a review copy of Square-Enix’s “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” on the PS4, and it is absolutely amazing.  I thought the game was awesome before, but now it looks and plays even better than before, because the graphics have been enhanced thanks to new hardware technology.

Lara Croft’s look has been completely redesigned along with many features of the game.  The game now plays in four times the resolution and is in 1080p making it feel even more realistic.  As you are playing you can see each tree, branch, blade of grass move on its own.

Another cool thing is that when Lara is carrying her bow, it moves to how she is moving.  It swings back and forth as if she was really carrying a bow.

The characters look amazing and even more realistic than before.  They looked awesome previously, but now they are lifelike.

There is an also another new added feature that just blew my mind.  You can now use voice commands in the game.  If you are playing with the camera or a microphone you can say, map, bow, gun, etc… and they will pop up.  It was so nice having this feature as you are running through the game, and you need your gun quick or you run out of ammo and need to switch. You don’t have to push any buttons, and the response time is instant, which I was very impressed with.

“Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” comes with all of the downloadable content that was released for it right in the game.  You get all of the different skins for Lara such as the hunter, mountaineer, demolition, sure-shot and aviatrix.  They don’t do anything special but look really cool.

The extra content is absolutely amazing, and you get the following:
 - The fully rebuilt game for next-gen consoles
 - The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer
 - Eight DLC multiplayer maps
 - Six DLC multiplayer weapons
 - Four DLC multiplayer characters
 - The six alternate outfits for Lara
 - A Dark Horse digital comic book “Tomb Raider: The Beginning”
 - Brady Games digital art book “Tom Raider: The Art of Survival”

As you can see you get a ton of bonus features that will keep you playing “Tomb Raider” for a long time.  I really like it when games are released with all of the DLC content included, because you get everything that was released for it.  Some store have special exclusive content for games when you reserve them, and it’s always such a hard decision for me to make.  With the “Game of the Year” or “Definitive” editions you get everything, and that’s awesome in my opinion.

I really enjoyed Square Enix’s “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” on the PS4 a lot.  The game looks and plays wonderfully. It is like playing “Tomb Raider” for the first time. The graphics are absolutely amazing and will blow you away. I am really happy with the amount of bonus content that is on “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” because you get everything that was released for it.  If you were a fan of “Tomb Raider,” I would highly recommend you check it out. You will not be disappointed.

*The copy was provided by Square Enix for review purposes

Aaron Chalich is a entertainment columnist.