Woman Says Dad was Murdered Trying to Help Stranger in Mpls

Updated: 02/01/2014 6:18 PM KSTP.com By: Josh Rosenthal

"He had a big heart," said Raina Baldwin. She was talking about her dad, Thomas Sonnenberg. He and his wife lived in their North Minneapolis home for more than 30 years. It's where they raised their three daughters, including Raina.

Friday, it became a crime scene.

"How do you hold up when somebody blows your dad's head off? I mean, that's a call you never want to get," Baldwin said Saturday.

Police say a man knocked on the door and said someone was trying to kill him. Baldwin says her dad let the man in and called 9-1-1. By the time police arrived, the 69-year-old veteran was dead.

"My dad thought that he was helping this person who took his life," Baldwin said. More specifically, he thought he was helping a stranger.

Baldwin says she wanted her dad to leave his neighborhood after his home was burglarized in 2001.

"I begged him to move," she cried, "but he was trapped by his mortgage, and he felt obligated to stay."

Now, Baldwin's back at the home she grew up in. She's surrounded by family. But her whole family will never be together again.

"This was my dad, my rock," she told us. "I didn't, I'm in my 30's. I shouldn't have to bury my dad already and not like this. He had a lot of years left in him, I know it."

Police took 20-year-old Devon Parker into custody Friday on suspicion of murder. Police say this is an ongoing investigation and have yet to release Parker's mug shot.