On the Road: Fairy Houses

Updated: 02/03/2014 4:39 PM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

If you've ever wondered who builds the homes for the little people we think we have the answer.

Marilyn Diechmann of Bagley, Minn., is a contractor to elves, fairies, trolls, goblins and any other fanciful being that exists, at least in our imaginations.

Working with old tree stumps her husband Don excavates with a chain saw, Marilyn decorates and furnishes the inside with amazing precision and artistic skill. The interiors become abodes for little creatures who she says move in as soon as she is finished.

With names like "True Love's Knot," "Visions of Sugar Plum Fairies," "Whimsy Manor" and "Pink Lace and Strawberry Cottage" the lavish, two-foot high creations are selling all over the country.

In fact, Marilyn's fairy houses have become such a hit that actress Whoopi Goldberg has two of them in her garden.