Interview: Data Breach's Impacts on Target's Image

Updated: 02/04/2014 7:31 PM By: Leslie Dyste

An executive of Target Corp. said Tuesday the retailer has taken actions to shore up security following the massive breach of millions of consumers' data during the holiday season.
The testimony at a Senate hearing by John Mulligan, executive vice president and chief financial officer at the No. 2 U.S. discounter, also revealed that Target discovered an additional 25 cash registers infected by malicious software on Dec. 18.

The company had said earlier that it had removed all the malware from its system by Dec. 15.
Mulligan's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was the first public appearance by a Target executive addressing the issue since the breach that occurred between Nov. 27 and mid-December. An estimated 40 million credit and debit card accounts were affected.

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Media analyst Blois Olson stopped by our KSTP-TV studio to break down the impact these hearings could have on the company's image.