U of M Police Urge Victims to Report Crimes ASAP

Updated: 02/06/2014 5:37 PM KSTP.com By: Megan Stewart

Police lights
Police lights
Photo: Photo: KSTP/File

University of Minnesota police are urging witnesses and victims to report any incidents right away.

The push comes after university police were unable to send a Campus Crime Alert for a robbery on Jan. 25 because it went unreported until Jan. 30, the school said.

The student was robbed of his wallet by several suspects near the intersection of 12th Avenue and 7th Street in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood, police said. A gun was used in the crime.

University police were unable to use a Crime Alert because the delayed reporting meant that the incident no longer met the "serious and ongoing threat" standard.

University police issued this statement:

As we stress in all of our safety communications: If you are the victim of a crime or if you witness a crime, call 911 immediately. Typically, the best time to catch a robbery suspect is immediately after a robbery has occurred. Suspects are often still in the area and if a victim is able to provide a good description police have a chance of catching the bad guys before they get too far.

Similarly, if you see suspicious behavior or if you feel threatened or unsafe in any way, call 911. Officers would rather respond and diffuse or prevent a situation than write a report of a robbery or assault.

Don’t be shy about calling 911.