Sen. Franken Works to Prevent Future Data Breaches

Updated: 02/06/2014 10:37 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Photo: Image: KSTP file

Federal lawmakers have a lot of new information about the massive Target data breach after Target's CFO John Mulligan spent two days on Capitol Hill this week.

KSTP spoke with Senator Al Franken Thursday. He says the ball is already rolling to prevent that kind of data breach in the future. He said the best solution seems to be smart chips in credit cards.

Franken says he is a co-sponsor of a bill that would change the way the cyber criminals are prosecuted, possibly using the RICO statutes, originally written to battle organized crime. The bill would also tighten the clamps on information that's stored remotely and mandate that companies inform victims when their information has been compromised.

Franken wrote a letter to major banks and credit card companies to ask why smart chip technology is not used in the United States, and how long would it take to convert.

Smart chips make it much harder for hackers to steal your information because they need more than just the information on the black magnetic strip.

Franken says data thieves would need the card holder's pin number or signature as well.