COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: 'Night of the Demons' Blu-ray/DVD Collector’s Edition Review

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:12 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Shout Factory
Photo courtesy of Shout Factory

Shout Factory/Scream Factory has released some pretty amazing Blu-ray’s and DVD’s, but they really did a fantastic job with their unrated version of “Night of the Demons Blu-ray/DVD Collector’s Edition.

There are so many things that I really enjoyed about “Night of the Demons” such as the main menu when you first pop in the Blu-ray.  The menu choices are on the bottom of the screen and there drawings look really cool.  As you are deciding if you want to play the movie, go to a specific chapter or check out the bonus features, clips from the movie are playing.

“Night of the Demons” was released in 1988 and was directed by Kevin S. Tenney.  It stars William Gallo, Hal Havins, Mimi Kinkade, Cathy Podewell, and Linnea Quigley.

I got the opportunity to interview Kevin Tenney this month.

“Night of the Demons” is about a group of high school kids who decide to throw a party in an old funeral home on Halloween night.  They decide to have a séance and end summoning a bunch of demons.  Now the kids have to try and figure out a way to get out of the funeral home and to also survive the demons who want their souls.

I thought the story was very entertaining, and I felt it was more humorous than scary.

The special effects are awesome.  The reason why I love the horror films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is that there were not many CGI effects used.   The special effects for all the monsters, gore and kills were created from scratch and didn’t use computers at all.  I really think that’s great because it seems like horror films today rely heavily on CGI effects.

One effect that looks amazing is a scene with Linnea Quigley’s character.  I’m not going to say what it is, but it involves a disappearing tube of lipstick.  I always wondered how that effect was done, and I couldn’t figure it out.  However you learn how the special effects artists did it by watching one of the bonus features.  It’s brilliant how they did it.

Speaking of bonus features.  “Night of the Demons” has some spectacular special features that will keep you entertained for hours.  The special features include:

The audio commentaries are great and I really enjoyed listening to them while I watched the film.  I actually watched “Night of the Demons” three times before I wrote this review, and I think I learned just about everything there is to know about the making of “Night of the Demons” which is awesome.

I really enjoyed Shout Factory/Scream Factory’s “Night of the Demons Blu-ray/DVD Collector’s Edition” a lot. The movie was very entertaining and gory and the special effects were awesome.  I really thought the film looked great on Blu-ray and also on DVD (I watched both copies).  The bonus features are phenomenal.  The bonus features just get better and better with each release and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  I would highly recommend that you get “Night of the Demons.” You will not be disappointed.

“Night of the Demons” is “Unrated.”

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