COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: The Lego Movie PS4 Review

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:11 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

I haven’t had time to go and see “The Lego Movie” yet, but I do plan on taking my kids to it.  It looks great, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. I can’t wait to see it.

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to play a review copy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “The Lego Movie Video Game” for the PS4, and it is awesome.  It is a lot of fun; it’s hilarious, and it is so creative.  People are going to absolutely love this game.  I know that I did and so did my kids.

“The Lego Movie” is a brand new adventure that includes many different characters from the Lego series and also characters that just about everyone will recognize like “Batman,” and “Superman”  to name a few.

The story is very original and cleverly written.  There are tons of jokes that kids may and may not get depending on their age.

The main character is named Emmet, and he is just a plain construction worker. He falls down a hole one day and finds a strange block called “The Resistance.”  He touches it and passes out.  He wakes up in a different place and meets a woman named “Wildstyle.”  She tells Emmet that she was searching for the resistance block when she found him.  Wildstyle tells Emmet, that there is a super weapon called “the Kragle” and it was created by an evil person called “Lord Business.”  Lord Business plans on using the Kragle to destroy the world.

 Wildstyle takes Emmet to a wise man and master builder named “Vitruvius.” 

Vitruvius explains that there are people that are master builders and that they are the key along with the piece of resistance to stopping Lord Business and to destroying the Kragle.  So the three of them along with the help of “Batman” go out to try and destroy the Kragle.

I’m not going to tell you how it ends or much more of the story because I don’t want to spoil anything.  However, I can say that there are tons of surprises and lots of action.

The characters are voiced by the same celebrities that did the voices in the film, and they sound great.  Some of the celebrities include Chris Pratt(Emmet), Elizabeth Banks(Wildstyle), Will Arnet(Batman), Channing Tatum(Superman), Jonah Hill(Green Lantern), Will Ferrell(Lord Business) and Morgan Freeman(Vitruvius).

The graphics are awesome—especially the cut scenes because they were created with real Legos. I have never seen this type of animation used before in a video game.  Everything flows really smooth and looks great.

The in-game graphics are very colorful, and everything like the characters, backgrounds and objects  looks like it was made from Legos.

Playing “The Lego Movie” is a lot of fun, and controlling the characters is extremely easy.  There is an in-game tutorial that explains how to move and how to use the characters’ special abilities.  One thing that I really liked was that whenever you walked up to something that you could interact with, the buttons and type of character you needed to use would come on the screen.  People and kids are going to find this really helpful.  For example, there are characters that can put out fires, so you will need to use someone that can throw water or can throw something cold onto the fire to put it out.

As you play, you will encounter more than 90 different characters that you can buy or that will join your group.  There can be multiple characters on the screen at one time under your control, and you switch between them by pushing the “triangle” button.  If you hold it down, you will bring up a character wheel and choose a different character.  There is a spot on the wheel that will bring you to another menu where you can buy and swap out characters.

Each character has its own unique look and special powers, and it’s a lot of fun experimenting with the characters to see what they do.

“The Lego Movie” is filled with tons of puzzles, and all of your characters have to work together.  For example, Emmet has a jackhammer and can knock down things. He can also use his wrench to fix broken things.  If Emmet knocks something down, Lego blocks may appear, and one of the builders can build something with them to help the team get to the next area like a bridge or spaceship.

Sometimes you will need a master builder like Wildstyle or Vitruvius.  There are circles that will appear on the ground, and if the circle is green then you know that a master builder is needed.  Once the master builder stands on the circle and pushes “square,” a cursor will come on the screen, and you will have to find three different objects to build something special.  The correct objects will light up when you touch them with the cursor so you know which ones you need.  It’s a lot of fun trying to search for them, and it’s not too difficult to find the parts you need.

Emmet can also use special Lego instruction pages to build things as well.  There are different pages hidden in the levels, and if you find all of them, Emmet will be able to build something that will help you get to the next area.  Once you find all of the pages, you will go into a little mini game where you can see an object being built on the right of the screen, and on the left side of the screen, there are a bunch of Lego pieces in a circle.  As the object is being built, the animation will stop and show an outline of the next piece that is needed.  You must try and find the piece on the left side as quickly as you can.  If you select the wrong piece or take too long, you will lose studs. The faster and more accurate you are, the more studs you will receive. 

The studs are used to buy characters or extra blocks that will help you in the game.  They are laying all over the game and appear when you build something or destroy something like an enemy or object such as a tree.

There are so many different and exciting themed levels that you can explore like an old west level, a crazy rainbow level, etc…  Each level has several sub levels that you will need to complete to continue on your adventure.  Once you complete a level, you will unlock a “free play” mode where you can go back and look for some of the many hidden things in the level.  Each level has five hidden Lego instruction pages and a pair of pants. One of the goals called “The Special” is to collect a certain amount of studs.  I really enjoyed this a lot, because it was fun to go and replay the levels with new characters that have different abilities.

In each world, there is a Lego portal, and these will let you travel from one world to another.  Once you complete a level, you can go back and look for things you may have missed.  I really think that this is also great because there are so many hidden things to find that it gives “The Lego Movie” great replay value.

You can play “The Lego Movie” by yourself or co-op.  At anything during the game someone else can jump in and control one of the characters.  This is a great feature.  My daughter and I had a great time exploring all of the different worlds together and trying to figure out the puzzles.

I really enjoyed Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s “The Lego Movie Video Game” for the PS4 a lot.  It is a fun and exciting game to play with friends and family and also alone.  The story is very creative and funny, and the celebrity voices are a nice touch.  The graphics are amazing, and the controls are easy to learn.  I would highly recommend “The Lego Movie” for fans of the Lego games and for people looking for a very exciting game that the whole family can enjoy.

The Lego Movie Video Game” is rated “E10”

*The copy was provided by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for review purposes.

Aaron Chalich is a entertainment columnist.