Frostbitten UMD Student Returns Home to Family

Updated: 02/13/2014 11:33 AM By: Leslie Dyste

Photo: Photo courtesy via Facebook

The University of Minnesota Duluth student recovering from severe frostbite has moved home from St. Cloud Hospital.

According to a post on CaringBridge by Alyssa Lommel's mother, her daughter is doing well walking on her own, but she's still not as steady as she needs to be without someone with her.

A home health care nurse came to their home to advise them on how to give Alyssa Lommel a shower and dress her. Her mother wrote, "I have to admit, I was very nervous doing all that by myself... I don't want to hurt her or do anything that will cause her more pain."

Police say Lommel, a sophomore from St. Cloud, had been out drinking with friends Dec. 6 and was dropped off at her Duluth house around midnight. A passer-by spotted Lommel on the front stoop of the house next door about nine hours later, suffering from severe hypothermia.

Parts of Lommel's hands and feet have been amputated.