Comcast Servers May Have Been Hit by Hackers

Updated: 02/12/2014 6:15 PM By: Joe Mazan

 The largest cable company in the country may have been hit by hackers. A group claims to have hacked Comcast servers last week.

According to multiple online news sources, a hacking group called "NullCrew FTS" says it hacked 34 Comcast servers, and then explained how to infiltrate it.

The group announced it last week, but it's making headlines on Wednesday.

Comcast did say in a statement: "We take our customers' privacy and security very seriously. We have aggressively investigated this incident and have found no evidence to suggest any customer information was obtained."

We reached out to computer forensic expert Mark Lanterman about this breach. His advice for Comcast and Xfinity customers in Minnesota is to change their passwords.