MPS Teachers Available Saturdays, Spring Break to Make Up for Lost Time

Updated: 02/13/2014 7:42 AM By: Brandi Powell

One local school district is launching a new program, to make sure students don't fall behind since school was canceled because of the cold weather.

After missing five days of class, Minneapolis Public Schools is using a two-prong approach, to make sure students are ready for spring-time standardized tests, and graduation.

To make up for lost classroom time, Minneapolis Public Schools is offering extra instruction with teachers on Saturdays, and, for the first time ever, during spring break.

The extra instruction time with teachers is not mandatory.

Teachers will get a $2,000 stipend for working the week at the spring break academy. Just how many teachers will participate, is still unknown.

Susanne Griffin-Zeibart, the chief academic officer of Minneapolis Public Schools said, "What we're looking at is our ALC dollars right now as a primary funding source, which is alternative learning center dollars, which also funds pie extended time programs, our after school programs, etcetera, and those dollars are actually generated by kids attending school for extended time so we can actually generate dollars by having kids attend school."

The district says the challenge will be matching students with the right teachers. "So what we want are teachers who know the kids, working with the kids,"Griffin-Zeibart said.

They've already scheduled two makeup days. Also, they've set aside money for future spring break, and winter break, academies.

We checked in with other school districts in the area. Most are adding make up days somewhere into their schedules. However, Anoka-Hennepin, St. Paul and Bloomington are not planning to make up canceled days.

The Bloomington Superintendent says despite the canceled classes, kids still meet the state requirement of 165 days in class.