Dome Demo Under Way, Progress Obvious

Updated: 02/13/2014 10:15 AM By: Tim Sherno

Demolition of the remains of the Metrodome is under way. Allen Troshinsky is the Director of the Sports Group for Mortenson Construction and says there's nothing fancy about this project. "It's a traditional mechanical demolition," he said.

Demolition crews are attacking the dome with two types of equipment, a wrecking ball and a high-reach boom equipped with a hydraulic device that Troshinsky calls a muncher - "Basically a large scissors."

Crews will work from the top down, removing the concrete ring beam from the top of the structure. The ring beam is the structure to which the dome support cables were attached. Troshinsky says the beam was a critical element of the dome's design and will play a major role in the demolition. "It's a pre-cast concrete shape about 20 feet wide and about 5 feet deep," he said.

Apart from the controlled blasts that removed the support cables from the ring beam, Troshinsky says there will be no more explosives used to bring down the dome. Troshinsky says nearby buildings, including Hennepin County Medical Center, ruled out any possible blast.