Generous Donation Helps Cedar Ave. Fire Victims 'Off Their Feet'

Updated: 02/15/2014 8:07 AM By: Steve Patterson

Minnesotans remember the scene on New Year's Day, as the Cedar Avenue fire claimed the lives of three people, hospitalized 14 others and left its survivors homeless. But for two men, their long road back just got a lot shorter.

"These are the first couple of people that are moving into more permanent apartments,” said Jeff Strickler of the Salvation Army. Abdirshid Lur and Mohmed Hassan recently moved into their new apartment, but it wasn't until Friday's special delivery that it really became their home.

The Twin Cities Salvation Army reached out to Mattress Firm to see if they could help get survivors back on their feet by actually getting them back off their feet. And according to their District Manager Brian Gotsch, it was a no-brainer.

"Just give back. It feels good for us to help out people when we have the opportunity to do it, and every chance we get with the Salvation Army, we like to be able to give back,” he said.

And as more victims make their way through the relocation process, Gotsch says expect Mattress Firm to be there, saying "We were able to come up ten mattress, box springs and bed frames for the victims of the fire, and as they need them, we're going to be bringing them out to them."

For Mohmed Hassan, the beds don’t just provide him a physical place to sleep. They provide him an opportunity to rest and move forward, saying “Oh, I’m just going to sleep, you know? Feel happy, you know? Like warm up, you know? All those memories can be wiped out, hopefully.”