Vandals Destroy St. Paul Man's Ice Castle

Updated: 02/17/2014 11:10 PM By: Joe Mazan

 It took a couple of months to build, but it came crashing down in a matter of minutes.

Vandals knocked down a large ice castle built by Gary Pruitt in front of his St. Paul home.

Inspired by the 1992 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace, Pruitt built his 10 foot high, 50 foot long castle with 700 blocks of ice.

Early Saturday morning two boys with a golf club crushed the castle. The pair got away. "I would have felt a lot worse about it if I didn't get to scare them so good and have some fun... I have a war trophy," said Pruitt.

One of the boys literally got scared out of his shoe, but the two troublemakers got away.

"I have your kid's shoe. You're welcome to come and get it if you like, otherwise it will be mounted on a pole right there bronzed. Everybody in the neighborhood will see it every day," he said.

Pruitt never called police to report the vandals. Next winter Pruitt says he may put up a snow sculpture in front of his home but it won't be an ice castle.