Ryan Suter Sochi Q & A: Win Over Russia

Updated: 02/19/2014 11:49 AM KSTP.com By: Nick Tabbert

Ryan Suter will talk about his Olympic experiences each week during the Sochi Games.
Ryan Suter will talk about his Olympic experiences each week during the Sochi Games.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter is participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics as an alternate captain for the men's hockey team. While in Sochi, he described some of his experiences and how he is spending his time off the ice.

Describe what it feels like to walk into the arena knowing that you are playing for your country.

"You can't describe the feeling of wearing the USA jersey. I feel very fortunate that's for sure," Suter said.

What emotions do you experience?

"You try not to get too high or low throughout the tournament. You definitely think about all of the hard work you put in over your career to get to this point," Suter replied.

How has the chemistry between you and your teammates developed?

"It has been great. It's a great group of guys. A number of us were on the 2010 team so we are familiar with one another," Suter said.

How much time does it take to work well with different players?

"With every practice and game we're getting used to each other more and more," Suter said.

Have you developed a routine yet?

"I'm trying to. Usually we're up pretty early and head to breakfast, then to the game. We don't really have too much time for anything else," Suter replied.

Describe the locker room after the shootout win vs. Russia.

"Guys were pretty excited after that one, but we knew we had to move on and get ready for the game the next day so there wasn't actually much time to celebrate," Suter said.

What other Olympic events do you enjoy watching?

"It's fun watching the short track speed skating and today we watched the snowboardcross on TV," Suter said.

How are you communicating with your family?

"Telegram. Just kidding. Cell phones work fine," Suter said.

Have you run into any Minnesota Wild fans?

"Actually I've met a bunch of people here from Minnesota and they're all Wild fans so it has been fun talking and taking pictures with them," Suter replied.