COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: NECA RoboCop/Borderlands/Team Fortress 2 Figure Review

Created: 02/21/2014 1:20 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich
Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich

I have been collecting horror and video game memorabilia for over thirty years, and some of the coolest-looking and most-collectable figures in my collection are from a company called NECA (National Entertainment Collectables Association).

NECA  has the licenses to make figures for some of the most popular films and video games ever made such as “Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” “Rocky”, “Castlevania,” “Borderlands,” “Team Fortress 2” and “RoboCop” to just name a few.

This past week I got a few of NECA’s newest figures to review, and they are pretty awesome.

Borderlands: Claptrap
The first figure that I opened was a crazy figure/droid named “Claptrap” aka: CL4P-TP from the video game “Borderlands.”  He is this crazy, little robot that is always making jokes and smart remarks.

The figure is pretty cool and extremely detailed.  He has little flaps on both sides that lift up, and his arms can move up and down.  He also has a little antenna on top that can be raised and lowered.  There is a wheel at the bottom of the figure that can go up and down.

“Claptrap” comes with a plastic base for him to stand on.  There is also a nice little piece of plastic that fits into a slot in the back of the figure and can be inserted onto the base to make it stand.   It looks awesome when it’s displayed.

The paint job on “Claptrap” is amazing, and it’s crazy how the figure looks exactly like the character in the game.  I really like how the paint makes him look worn and old, and it makes sense, because “Claptrap” is a work robot in the game.

Team Fortress 2: The Demoman

The second figure I opened was “The Demoman” from the “Team Fortress 2” series.

“Team Fortress 2” is a video game that was made for the XBOX and PS3 and is a military-themed game.  There are many different classes that you can choose to play as in “Team Fortress 2” and one of them is “The Demoman.”

“The Demoman” is an Irishman that drinks heavily and uses grenades and other explosives as weapons.

NECA’s “The Demoman” figure is pretty amazing.  He has multiple points of articulation, so he can be posed in many different positions.  He also has some weight to him and is a pretty heavy figure, which makes it easy for him to stand on his feet.  He displays very nicely.

“The Demoman” comes with a few accessories that are cool.  He comes with two removable hands that can easily be snapped on and off.  One hand is holding a whiskey bottle and the other had is in a gripping pose.  He also comes with two grenade launchers that fit easily into his hands.

There is also an ammo belt that runs up and down both sides of his body along with several ammo pouches that go along his waist.

Another cool thing is that there is a code for a free in game item that comes packaged with the figure.  I know a lot of people are going to want to get this. 


The last figure I want to talk about is one of my favorite figures.  Not too long ago NECA released a few figures based on some of the old-school NES games.  The figures were Jason from “Friday the 13th” and Freddy from “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”  Both games were made for the NES and NECA decided to release both figures based on how they looked in the games.  The same clothes, the same paint job was used and even the boxes the figures came packaged in looked like the NES boxes.

NECA’s latest released in this series is “RoboCop.”  This figure is fabulous.  RoboCop looks like he just walked out of the NES game and into my living room. 

He is painted the exact same color as he was in the game, and he comes with a spring loaded holster and the Auto-9 gun.  There is a little switch on the back of RoboCop’s leg that can be pushed.  When it’s pushed, his leg will open up to reveal the gun.  It’s pretty slick.

The packaging is remarkable and it looks like the old NES box.  There is a flap on the box that opens up and on the inside there is a little description of RoboCop and it’s in the same 8-bit font that was used for the game.

RoboCop also poses and stand nicely and is an excellent display piece.

I would highly recommend that if you are collector of action figures like me or are looking for some pretty amazing and detailed figures, you should check out NECA’s “Borderlands,” “Team Fortress 2” lines and of course, the new “RoboCop” figure.

Aaron Chalich is a entertainment columnist.