St. Paul Considers Winter Parking Restrictions

Updated: 02/25/2014 6:53 AM By: Jessica Miles

 The City of St. Paul is now considering whether to put parking restrictions in place.

Fire crews in trucks canvassed the city over the weekend, testing streets to see if they have enough room to get through in an emergency.

With no snow, residential streets are 32 feet wide - curb to curb. KSTP measured Monday and found streets roughly 27 feet wide. Add in cars on both sides, and there's not a lot of room.

"The snow we had December 5th is still here because of the cold, so streets have gotten full and narrow," says John Maczko with St. Paul Public Works.

St. Paul will decide this week if more parking restrictions will be put in place.

The City of Minneapolis put winter parking restrictions in place over the weekend. The parking restrictions will be in effect until April 1, unless conditions allow the city to lift the ban earlier.

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