Mpls. City Attorney's Reappointment Questioned

Updated: 03/02/2014 11:32 PM By: Nick Winkler

Susan Segal has been the Minneapolis city attorney since 2008.

She is highly qualified and is credited for a number of accomplishments which she says have saved city taxpayers millions of dollars.

But critics say she mishandled the stadium issue when she issued an opinion that the city's $150 million contribution did not automatically trigger a citywide vote on the matter.

The city charter requires a referendum if the city wants to put more than $10 million toward a sports facility.

The stadium legislation contains language that legally trumps the city's charter, which became the basis for a lawsuit.

Analysts say the seven new city council members likely do not have deep relationships with Segal and create uncertainty in regard to the reappointment.

The ways and means committee will take up the matter Monday at a public hearing.

The full council is expected to weigh in on Friday.

Letters in support of Segal

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Senator Amy Klobuchar