MPD: Gun Found by Homeowner is Forensically-Tied to Terrance Franklin

Updated: 03/05/2014 5:10 PM By: Jennie Olson

The Minneapolis Police Department announced Wednesday that a gun found by a Minneapolis homeowner last fall has been "forensically-tied" to Terrance Franklin, who was shot and killed by officers after he allegedly grabbed one of the officer’s guns and shot at them on May 10, 2013.

The day before the fatal shooting of Franklin, a homeowner reported that a TV and handgun had been stolen from a residence on the 400 block of Taylor Street Northeast in Minneapolis.

More than five months later, in October 2013, another homeowner found a sock with a 9 mm gun inside of it wedged between his home’s foundation and back porch on the 500 block of 28th Street West. The serial number on the gun matched the number of the gun stolen on May 9.

This week, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension told the Minneapolis Police Department that Franklin’s DNA profile was found on the sock.

Police say they are releasing the information as part of a promise to be transparent and that it doesn't change the case in any way; the two officers involved have already been cleared in the case.

But Mike Padden, the attorney for Franklin's family calls it "outrageous" and said he believes the Minneapolis Police Department is trying to defame the family. He claims Franklin's hands were in the air when he was shot and that they have evidence supporting that. Padden says they have collected all necessary evidence and are still planning to file a civil suit.