Fergus Falls Man Fights to Make Sure Local Students Get a School Lunch

Updated: 03/06/2014 7:23 AM KSTP.com By: Cassie Hart

A Minnesota man has made it his mission to make sure no student goes hungry at a northern Minnesota school.

Now, he's getting the whole community involved.  When Dave Axell learned some students at Fergus Falls High School didn't get a hot lunch this year because they didn't have enough money- he got upset.

He decided to take action and helped launch the Otter Angels Fund, which will help anonymously pay for a hot lunch for any student who can't afford it.

"It's just been kind of a little relief, and kind of gives you a warm glow knowing that the community is willing to step up to the plate,” said Mark Masten, business manager of the Fergus Falls School District

“They used to say it takes a village to raise a child. There’s plenty of people around here who could help out, and should help out," Axell said.

Axell and other Fergus Falls residents have raised about $250, so far.

People can contact the Fergus Falls School District for more information on how to donate.