Big Push to Clear Snow Off Metro Sidewalks

Updated: 03/06/2014 7:20 AM By: Brandi Powell

A special meeting is set for Friday between advocates for people with disabilities and metro city leaders.

Disability groups say they're getting bombarded with requests for help as people try to navigate snow covered sidewalks.

St. Paul resident Lisa Horton says slick sidewalks make for a dreadful commute. "There's too much snow and you can't walk," she said. "It's not good, because the cane just slips right out from underneath you."

St. Paul resident Mai Thor uses a wheelchair. She says it's been tough getting around on sidewalks this winter. Thor says problems arise when people don't shovel.

"After about four or five months of winter people start kind of getting sick of shoveling, which I can understand you know." That said, Thor says she's hoping people will be diligent about clearing sidewalks and curb cuts. "You've still got to remind your neighbors and businesses that you've still got to shovel," Thor said.

"It's a local issue and something can be done, but you need to speak up," said Joan Willshire, Executive Director of Minnesota State Council on Disability.

Speaking up to law enforcement and lawmakers is what she is urging everyone to do. "If this is our new norm here of having lots of snow and cold, we need to do a better job, and we can," she said.

Willshire says they've received double the amount of complaints this year, compared to last year regarding snow-covered sidewalks.

To learn the best way to report this issue, contact the Minnesota State Council on Disability.