Bakery in Anoka Helps with North Metro Economic Development

Updated: 03/09/2014 5:27 PM By: Brandi Powell

An Anoka bakery that's re-opened under new leadership is doing big business.

In fact, Han's Bakery has done so much business that it's ran out of product everyday in the two weeks it's had its doors back open.

Long lines and requests for favorite treats, like its famous "Bee Hives," are causing the owner to re-think its business plan.

"We were just running one crew of bakers overnight and we had five of them on," said Kelly Olsen, owner of Han's Bakery. "Now we're running two shifts of bakers, one overnight and one during the day, and we're going to change those hours from eight hours a night to 10 hours a night."

According to the North Chamber of Commerce, this is a good problem for this small business to have, saying when families come to the historic bakery, they'll likely check out other "hidden jewels" in Anoka County.

"Not only are you adding jobs at the most basic level, but then you're also taking an area that was maybe vacant like Han's was, and you are now turning it into a vibrant business," said Lori Higgins, President of Metro North Chamber of Commerce.

Han's Bakery is inviting the public to sign a condolence card for the family of fallen soldier Lance Corporal Caleb Erickson.

They're bringing the card and Bee Hive cakes to his funeral service on Monday.