Puddle Problems Come With Minnesota Melt

Updated: 03/10/2014 6:02 AM KSTP.com By: Tim Sherno

Temperatures in the 40s and more warmer weather on the way are melting the snow pack which is causing localized flooding.

Mike Kennedy, Director of Transportation Maintenance and Repair with Minneapolis Public Works, says in Minneapolis there are 50,000 catch basins and some are frozen. "You might see ice all the way down into the catch basin, even down into the pipe. We had long deep freezes, that frost got way down this season. Sometimes they actually have to get in there with warm jet water and steam to unplug things," he said.

Kennedy says a slow warm up would be best, "If we get a big flash warm up, we could see a sort of a flash flood situation."

According to Kennedy, Public Works crews were joined by city sewer crews in an effort to keep water flowing, "When potholes blow up, they blow up all at once. When we have drainage problems, it happens everywhere all at once."

Just a few days ago, local streets were slippery due to ice and drivers were cautioned to slow down to prevent accidents. Kennedy says drivers are still cautioned to slow down, but for different reasons which include potholes and puddles.