Medical Pot Backers Who Met with Dayton Told to Seek Compromise

Updated: 03/14/2014 7:40 AM By: Tim Sherno

Photo: Photo: KSTP/Tim Sherno

Photo: Photo: KSTP/Tim Sherno

A group supporting a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota brought Gov. Mark Dayton a get well card Thursday as he recuperates from surgery.

About a dozen members of the group were invited into the residence for a private meeting with the governor that lasted nearly two hours.

Afterwards, members of the group said they were grateful for the governor's time and attention and said they were told to continue to seek compromise on the bill.

Patrick McClellan suffers from muscle seizures and says he uses marijuana in consultation with his physician. McClellan said the governor was moved by the visit. "There was a lot of emotion in that room with the stories that were being told," said McClellan.

McClellan said the governor encouraged the group to continue seeking a workable solution to the stalled bill. "The governor did say that there is still plenty of time. He said there's still two months in this session, that we can still potentially make this work. That its not dead. That with two months, there is still plenty of time to make progress," said McClellan.

The Governor's office released a statement saying in part, "Governor Dayton has directed his Chief of Staff Jaime Tincher, Senior Policy Advisor Joanna Dornfeld, and Health Commissioner Dr.Ed Ehlinger, to continue working with medical marijuana advocates, and other groups, to see if a compromise agreement can be reached this session on this matter."