NeuroScience Owner Convicted Felon; Fights Deportation

Updated: 03/13/2014 10:13 PM By: Jay Kolls

KSTP is learning more details after the FBI carried out a search warrant at a western Wisconsin company.

It's tucked away in the woods, but at the end of a long country road Neuroscience is a sprawling complex of laboratories and office space. The man behind the $40-million--a-year enterprise is Gottfried Kellerman.

Kellermann is a permanent U.S. resident from Germany. He's a biochemist and his labs conduct tests for neurological and immunological conditions. He does business with private insurance companies, physicians and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

But what you might not have known, until now, is this: Kellermann is currently under an Order of Deportation from the United States. He was ordered deported after a 1992 conviction for "willful blindness" in a case of mishandling a $750,000 government grant. A Federal court denied his appeal of the deportation in 2010. Federal Government sources tell KSTP Kellermann is still under the deportation order.

But he's allowed to stay in this country under an "Order of Supervision" while he seeks a presidential pardon of his felony. He is also required to check in with immigration officials on a regular basis.

Kellermann's attorneys tell KSTP he is here legally. They would not get into details about his Order of Supervision under the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement Agency (ICE).

KSTP first brought you the news of an FBI raid on the business on 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS at 10 Wednesday.