COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: 'Transformers Armada: The Complete Series' DVD Review

Updated: 03/14/2014 4:36 PM By: Aaron Chalich

One of my favorite toy lines growing up in the 80’s was “Transformers.”  I thought that they were so cool because they were robots that could turn into vehicles, weapons, insects, dinosaurs and other things.  They were extremely popular and still are today.

There have been many animated series based on the “Transformers,” and I have seen most of them.  They all pretty much have the same plot, where the good “Transformers” called “Autobots” are at war with the bad “Transformers” called “Decepticons.” 

This past week I got the opportunity to watch a review copy of Shout Factory’s “Transformers Armada: The Complete Series” on DVD, and I loved it, and I think it is a great set and a must have for any “Transformer” fan.

In the “Transformer Armada: The Complete Series,” you get all 52 episodes on eight DVDs, and they are packaged in a really nice, hard plastic case.  There are individual DVD holders inside the case that flip, and they hold the DVD’s very nicely.

Each DVD contains six to seven action packed episodes.  There were four seasons, and each season is broken up onto two DVD’s.  You can see a complete list of the seasons and episodes that are on each disc on the inside cover, which I thought was nice.

I really enjoyed watching the entire series and thought that the story was very interesting and well written.

“Transformers Armada” starts out with the Autobots and Decepticons fighting on Cybertron which is their home planet over “Mini-Cons” which are a race of smaller, power enhancing Transformers.   The Mini-Cons try to flee on a spaceship and it eventually crashes on the moon, and it breaks into two pieces.  One piece gets imbedded on the moon, and the other piece crashes to earth and the Mini-Cons get scattered all over.

Millions of years go by, and some kids discover part of the spaceship in a cave, and they accidentally activate it.  A signal goes out and alerts the Autobots and Decepticons and shows them the locations of the Mini-Cons.  Both the Autobots and Decepticons come to Earth searching for the Mini-Cons and the Autobots become friends with the kids that sent out the signal.

Now it is a race between the Autobots and Decepticons to find all of the Mini-Cons before the other does.

As I mentioned earlier, I really like the story a lot and thought that it was very well written.  There are always so many things going on in each episode, and it’s exciting.  There is also a lot of humor used, and I thought that was great.  At times, “Transformers Armada” can be really serious, but the human characters are the ones that add the humor by telling jokes or doing something silly, and that lightens things up.

I really like the animation a lot.  “Transformers Armada” looks great, and it looks exactly like Japanese Anime.  The characters are drawn with over exaggerated facial expressions and actions, which is pretty typical in Japanese anime.  The Transformers all look amazing and are very detailed.  All of the backgrounds are very colorful and a lot of bright and vibrant colors are used.

I really enjoyed Shout Factory’s “Transformer Armada: The Complete Series” a lot.  I really liked the story and thought that it was very exciting and full of action.  I thought the animation looked great. Plus you get all 52 episodes in one set, how can you beat that.  If you are a fan of Transformers, I would highly recommend that you pick up “Transformers Armada: The Complete Series.”

“Transformers Armada: The Complete Series” is not rated.

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Aaron Chalich is a entertainment columnist.