Youngest Contestant on ABC's Shark Tank Pitches Invention

Updated: 03/15/2014 7:59 AM By: Cassie Hart

A young entrepreneur is proving she can swim with the sharks. On Friday night, 7-year-old Kiowa Kavovit shared her invention on ABC's Shark Tank.

She’s the youngest person ever to pitch a business idea on the show.

With some help from her dad, Kiowa invented Boo Boo Goo. It’s a bandage that you paint onto your skin.

However, the sharks weren't easy on her. All of the moguls agreed the market is already oversaturated. 

She did come out on top, accepting the only offer put forward from Kevin O’Leary for $100,000 for 25 percent stake in the company, as long as her patent clears.

Shark Tank airs new episodes on KSTP-TV Fridays at 8 p.m. CST.