COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: 'Infamous Second Son' PS4 Review

Updated: 08/19/2014 10:58 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment

I really enjoyed playing Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment’s “Infamous” games that were released for the PS3. I thought that they were fun and very exciting games to play and their stories were original and well written.

This past week I got the opportunity to play a review copy of Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment’s “Infamous Second Son” for the PS4, and it is awesome.

“Infamous Second Son” is one of the best games that I have played so far on the PS4, and the graphics are absolutely amazing and will blow you away. 

The characters look so lifelike, and they all move smoothly.  The backgrounds are beautifully drawn and animated. 

The cinematic scenes look great and are perfectly animated.

I really thought the story was awesome and very interesting.  “Infamous Second Son” takes place years after “Infamous 2” in Seattle, Washington and a new organization has formed called the Department of Unified Protection (DUP).  There are citizens that have super human powers and are called “Conduits.”  The DUP call the Conduits “bio-terrorists,” and they try to capture and impression them.

In “Infamous Second Son” you play as a character named Delsin, a twenty-four year old trouble maker who does not like the current government.  Delsin has an older brother named Reggie who is a police officer and he has arrested Delsin several times.  One day a DUP truck crashes and a bunch of Conduits escape.  Delsin touches one of the Conduits and passes out.  He wakes up and discovers that he now has become a Conduit with their powers.

The leader of the DUP is an evil woman named Augustine and she is a Conduit also.  Augustine ends up putting concrete through many of the citizens.

Delsin learns that he can absorb powers and use them, so now he must try and find Augustine and absorb her power so he can save the citizens and fight back against the government.

The controls are very easy to learn and there is an in-game tutorial that shows and explains to you what buttons you will need to push to control Delsin.  Also whenever Delsin learns a new power, the buttons he needs to push appears on the screen with a brief description.

If you push the options button, a menu will open up, and you can see a map that shows your location, where your objectives are located and also if there are side missions available. 

There are tons of side quests and things to do in “Infamous Second Son.”  For example, there are many DUP cameras that are located all over that you must find and destroy.  There are drug busts that you can do where you fight drug dealers and you also destroy the drugs.  There are many other things and I do not want to spoil them.

You will need to use the touch pad a lot while you are playing.  For example there are people who are locked in cells and you must open the cells by swiping your finger across the touch pad.

One of the things that really makes “Infamous Second Son” stand out from any other game is that you always have two different choices that you need to make.  You can make good choices or bad choices.  The more good choices you make the more good karma you get, and if you make bad choices your bad karma increases.

You can save people or kill them, and when you are fighting the DUP, you can choose to subdue them or kill them.

Delsin has many different powers that he will learn and will be able to upgrade.  If Delsin has more good karma he will get a certain list of powers that he can upgrade and if he has bad karma, he will get a completely different set of powers that are more powerful.  I think that this is great because it gives the game great replay value.  This makes me want to play through the entire game a couple of times to see what happens when I make all good choices and also when I make all bad choices.

Each of Delsin’s powers use some sort of energy that will deplete when used, but it can be filled back up.  For example one of the first powers Delsin learns is the smoke power.  He can turn into smoke and travel through objects and up vents.  He can also shoot blasts of smoke.  Whenever you need to fill up the smoke meter, you can find an item that is smoking, and if you push the touch pad, he will absorb the smoke and the meter will fill up.

In order to upgrade your powers, Delsin will have to find blast shards.  They are scattered throughout the game, and it is really fun to try and figure out how to get them.

Another cool thing that you must check out is the “Paper Trail” storyline.  I don’t know much about and what I do know, I am not supposed to talk a lot about it.  All I can say is that you can visit a website and play additional missions that will add to the gameplay and story of “Infamous Second Son.”

Overall, I really enjoyed Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment’s “Infamous Second Son” a lot.  The graphics are outstanding, and the game play is exciting and action-packed.  I really thought the story was unique and interesting and that the controls were very easy to learn. I thought that all of Delsin’s powers were awesome, and you never know what he is going to learn next. I also thought that the ability to make either good or bad decisions was great, and it added great replay value.   There are so many things to do in “Infamous Second Son” that it will have you playing it for a very long time.  I know that if you have a PS4 you must get this game.  I highly recommend it.

“Infamous Second Son” is rated “T” for blood, drug reference, language, sexual themes and violence.

Aaron Chalich is a entertainment columnist.