MNsure Numbers for 'Financial Stability' are Low

Updated: 03/25/2014 7:46 AM By: Jay Kolls

Photo: AP/Jim Mone, File
Photo: AP/Jim Mone, File

Lawmakers who supported passage of MNsure legislation indicated, at the time, that private health insurance plans would be the key to making MNsure self-sustaining.

MNsure issued a news release touting enrollment numbers. It says MNsure has nearly reached its goal of 135,000 people enrolled for 2014 -- needing only 5,000 more people to sign up to reach that goal.

But lawmakers who supported MNsure told taxpayers private health care plans were the key to sustaining MNsure financially.

KSTP looked at those two important categories and found troubling numbers.

For individuals, MNsure has an open enrollment goal of 69,904 but so far only has 35,610.

For small businesses, MNsure wants 8,925 people signed up by March 31 but right now only has 790 people enrolled.

MNsure critics tell KSTP those weak numbers with the private insurance plans - if they don't get better - will be a problem.

MNsure said no one was available to talk on camera but issued a statement that says, in part:

"We have trimmed our budget to meet revenues, and there is no need to ask for additional funds through 2015." MNsure also says "we are confident that we will meet our goal of long-term sustainability."