Minneapolis to Spend Additional $1M Just on Potholes

Updated: 03/27/2014 7:52 AM KSTP.com By: Tim Sherno

Potholes are a statewide problem, and additional government dollars will be used to repair roads locally and in Greater Minnesota.

The city of Minneapolis will spend $1 million dollars specifically targeted at potholes. Mike Kennedy, Director of Transportation, Maintenance and Repair with Minneapolis Public Works, says this year's potholes are unique.

"We're seeing things that we typically don't," he said. "The pavement is just disintegrating."

Kennedy says water soaked deep into pavement this year, and the thaw-freeze cycle has been particularly damaging.

With the additional money, Kennedy says the city will reconfigure existing crews, turning six crews into eight; the city will also hire rolling pothole-patching trucks and tap manpower from road construction crews currently sidelined by prohibitively cold temperatures.

Kennedy says some potholes that have been repaired have reopened and blames cold temperatures for preventing crews from making permanent repairs. According to Kennedy, liquid asphalt works as an adhesive, helping the hot-mix bond with pavement; he says temps are still too low to use the liquid.

The state is also looking at directing $15 million dollars for pothole repair. State Representative Barb Yaruss says the money will be divided for use statewide, $5 million for the local roads and $10 million for the trunk highways.